Horse riding

The rhythm of clogs

Discover Horse Riding with Le Cheval Blanc Equestrian Farm

Discover the perfect harmony between comfort and adventure just 15 minutes away from Domaine du Cardou. In partnership with Ferme Équestre Le Cheval Blanc, immerse yourself in the heart of the Lot region through unforgettable horseback rides. Guided by Alain or Louna, explore wooded trails, vast green fields, and breathtaking panoramas of the Lot countryside.

We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to combine the comfort of our cottages at Domaine du Cardou with the excitement of horseback riding provided by Le Cheval Blanc. After a day of exploring on horseback, relax and recharge in our peaceful setting, soaking in the simple pleasures of the French countryside.

For more information and to book your next equestrian adventure, click on the following link: Le Cheval Blanc.

Experience an unforgettable equestrian getaway where every moment spent on horseback brings you closer to the natural beauty of the Lot, and where every interaction with our horses creates unforgettable memories.