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The sauna

Discover the benefits of the sauna, a real stress reliever that lets you relax thanks to the heat that releases endorphins. Ideal for eliminating fatigue, stress and toxins, the sauna offers above all a moment of absolute relaxation. What's more, it boosts your natural defences and energises your body.
Take this opportunity to relax to the full!

Sauna + Jacuzzi package €70/hour - 4 people maximum.

The Jacuzzi

Discover a special moment to evacuate and manage stress thanks to our jacuzzi. The bubbles in the jacuzzi have an essential soothing and relaxing effect on the body and mind. Enjoy a foot reflexology session by placing your feet towards the water jets. The high-pressure water jets inside the spa offer a targeted hydromassage by simply adjusting your position to benefit from the full force of the water. What's more, a soak in the Jacuzzi can improve circulation, cool your body and promote lung and heart health, according to many experts.

Sauna + Jacuzzi package €70/hour - 4 people maximum.


Discover the benefits of pressotherapy, a pressurised massage technique that stimulates blood and lymph circulation, based on the principle of lymphatic drainage. Pressotherapy is recommended for treating water retention, heavy legs and cellulite, as well as muscular and joint pain. As well as its therapeutic effects, it helps to firm the skin and refine the figure.

Enjoy a pressotherapy session for just €39 an hour.


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"Discover the benefits of wellness massage, enhanced by the use of gentle oils. More than just a moment of relaxation, massage helps to reduce stress, prevent illness and improve general health.
Massage has many positive effects on the structure and posture of the body, as well as on the overall functioning of the organism. It relieves muscular tension, offering an unrivalled relaxing and de-stressing effect.

Enjoy a massage session for just €70 an hour.

The shiatsu

Discover shiatsu, a massage technique derived from traditional Chinese medicine, which literally means "finger pressure". Shiatsu uses pressure from the hands and thumbs all over the body (back, arms, legs, head), combined with mobilisation and stretching.
Shiatsu aims to rebalance the body's energy and relieve muscular pain. Shiatsu sessions take place in casual clothing.
Enjoy a shiatsu session in our wellness area or in the shade of a tree in the grounds of the Domaine du Cardou.

The cost is €70per hour.