Connectivité Internet et Wifi

In your gîte

Internet access and Wifi

While we await the installation of fibre optics, we have taken steps to ensure reliable, high-performance Internet access at Domaine du Cardou. Thanks to a number of strategically placed repeaters.

Connecting to the Internet is simple and accessible to everyone. On your device - whether it's a laptop, tablet or phone - locate the WiFi network corresponding to the name of your gîte and select it. Then enter the predefined password: 'domaineducardou'. You'll be connected in no time.

When using your mobile phone, we strongly recommend that you activate the 'Wifi calls' option. This feature improves call quality and maintains your connection even in areas where cellular reception may be poor.

We understand how important reliable connectivity is to your comfort and well-being during your stay at Domaine du Cardou. That's why we do everything we can to provide you with a hassle-free connected experience.

Television and CD player

In your gîte, enjoy DTT via satellite with a television and a demodulator. To watch television, first switch on the television set, then the receiver. Always use the receiver's remote control to change channels. To stop, simply switch off the television. A CD player is also available.

Common problems include the set-top box locking up, which is often resolved by restarting it. If the screen displays "no signal", check the source on the TV remote control. Also check that the aerial cable is properly connected.