Car parks and parking

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Domaine du Cardou, nestled in a 7-hectare estate, offers a unique holiday experience. Each gîte is carefully laid out with its own parking space, strategically located in front or in the immediate vicinity, and clearly marked with 'P' signs for the convenience of residents. The estate has been designed with privacy in mind, with three separate entrances to the gîtes, guaranteeing each guest absolute peace and quiet.

The surrounding park is the heart of activity at the Estate, offering a diverse range of entertainment for all ages. Younger guests can enjoy specially designed games, while relaxation seekers can lounge by the pool or compete in lively games of pétanque on the dedicated pitch. What's more, the estate's vast green spaces invite discovery and exploration, offering opportunities for relaxing walks in and around the park, where the surrounding nature reveals all its splendour.

For our guests staying in the Agate and Cristal gîtes, we strongly advise you to use the LIVRAISONS.

The grounds of the Domaine du Cardou

Park maintenance :
- Lawn mowing: The lawn is mown once a week from spring to autumn. This regular practice keeps the park clean and well-maintained, providing a pleasant environment for holidaymakers.
- Mowing times: We endeavour to start mowing late in the morning so as not to disturb those who prefer to sleep in. This consideration for the comfort of residents and visitors is part of our commitment to providing a peaceful experience in the park.
- Cleanliness awareness: To facilitate our maintenance work and preserve the beauty of the park, we would be grateful if you would refrain from throwing cigarette butts and paper into the park. Respecting these instructions helps to keep the environment clean and welcoming for everyone.

Lighting in the park :
- Lighting times: Park lights are switched on from dusk until midnight. This lighting period allows our guests to enjoy the park even after sunset, while respecting the resting needs of local wildlife.
- Precautions for visitors: If you plan to return after midnight, we recommend that you bring a torch. Each lodge is equipped with such lamps to offer visitors a practical and safe way of getting around the park after the main lights have gone out.